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Carrying "Sinyal Kita", PGE Kamojang Wins Platinum Award at E2S Proving League 2022

PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) Kamojang Area won the Platinum Award for the Novelty Program E2S Proving League 2022 category. The award was given to PGE Kamojang Area for the "Sinyal Kita" Program.

The "Signal Kita" program emerged from the conditions in the Kamojang Area, which were difficult to signal. Even though the signal is a basic need during the Covid-19 pandemic, both for school and work.

“We are developing a Green Living Ecosystem. For free Signal Kita access, it is replaced by paying using trash. They save garbage and can be replaced later with internet access,” said Yanuaris Dwi Cahyono, Acting General Manager of PGE Kamojang Area.

Yanuaris said, PGE Kamojang Area focuses on developing environmentally friendly technology. A total of 1,000 seeds have been planted which are the result of conversion to 16,800 hours of internet. Systemic changes occur. "If the Kamojang Area was previously limited by signal providers, with the conversion of tree planting and waste exchange, internet access becomes easier," he said.

Cepi Nugraha, a foster partner of PGE Area Kamojang, said that while participating in the E2S Proving League 2022 activity, he admitted that he felt happy and proud because he could make PGE smell good. “The message I want to convey is that everything that starts well will end well too. Allhamdulillah…. our signal is a window to the world,” said Cepi.

PGE Area Kamojang is one of 22 participants who won PROPER 2020-2021 gold candidates in the Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) sector who participated in the 2022 E2S Proving League entitled "CSR Collaboration: Building Community Resilience and Local Livelihoods Generation" which was held on Saturday -Sunday, July 23-24, 2022.

There are eight categories in the E2S Proving League 2022, namely the Novelty Program Category; Local Hero Achievements; CSR/CID Manager Performance; Social Innovation Programs; Education and Livelihood Skills; Impact on Environment Programs; Sustainability Programs; and Creating Shared Value (CSV) Programs. From these categories, they are classified into three types of awards, namely Platinum, Gold and Silver.

In addition to the PGE Kamojang Area, PGE through the Ulubelu Area PGE also won a Gold award for the Local Hero Achievement Category which was obtained by Kukuh Dwi Prasetia with the Ngopi Doeloe Program.

Risna Resnawaty, a CSR expert from Padjadjaran University who is also the Chairperson of the E2S Proving League 2022 Jury, said that the CSR programs included in the Proving League 2022 are very special and have a tremendous impact on the community around the company's operational locations.

"Each program has its own advantages, uniqueness, and characteristics based on needs and solving problems that arise in the community," said Risna in the Sharing Session and Announcement of the Winners of the E2S Proving League 2022, Friday (29/7).

Risna said that this year's programs were more varied and had many innovations compared to the previous year. One important factor that needs to be considered is the independence of the community, especially after the program has been completed.

Currently, she said, the community has been trained to analyze the problem, so it needs to be improved with training to improve networking skills, utilize the source system and analyze successes and things that still need to be improved in the program.

"Several companies have actively collaborated with various partners and actively contributed to solving global problems," said Risna.

According to her, CSR is essentially a benefit to the community, but this good thing needs to be packaged and published to the public so that it encourages many other companies to do a lot of good.

"Congratulations to all participants and continue to be enthusiastic about building a strong Indonesian society through genuine and innovative CSR programs," said Risna.

Komaidi Notonegoro, Executive Director of the ReforMiner Institute, a member of the jury, added that the overall program that has been carried out by the company has been very good. Therefore, communication and delivery of these activities to the public on a large scale is important to do. It is also very important to improve communication and coordination with policy makers in the company's operational areas.

"With massive publication through a number of instruments and increased coordination with stakeholders in policy makers, the potential positive virus that has been created and implanted by the company will be able to spread and be duplicated by all levels of society," said Komaidi.

Lili Hermawan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Dunia Energi, who is the jury for media representatives, said that it is necessary to improve the aspect of the relationship between CSR programs and business activities/company operations (CSV).

"Especially if the program is approaching the exit strategy phase because this aspect is one that can guarantee the sustainability of the program," said Lili. (**)

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