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PGE Lumut Balai’s Geothermal Education for Al-Haromain Students During Ngabuburit Ramadhan

Officers of PT PGE Lumut Balai conducted a social activity called "Ngabuburit Ramadhan" at the Al-Haromain Islamic Boarding School in Pulau Panggung Village, Semende Darat Laut District.

This activity was a form of social solidarity for PGE Lumut Balai Area employees during the month of Ramadan to share with one another by carrying out positive activities such as donations of clothing, charity, basic food packages, takjil (snacks) and breaking fast with the students. The main event of this activity was PGE Officers’ knowledge sharing about geothermal energy education to all students of Pondok Al-Haromain Islamic boarding school. Several PGE officers for the Lumut Balai Area, led by the chairman of the PGE Lumut Balai Area Mobile Community, Ahmad Sri Fadli also attended this event.

The chairman of the Al-Haromain Islamic boarding school, KH. Dainawi Gerentam Bumi, welcomed this activity with enthusiasm. He expressed his gratitude for the presence of a geothermal company in the neighborhood and thanked PGE Area Lumut Balai for taking the time to share educational insights about geothermal energy and share blessings in the holy month of Ramadan with the students and Al-Haromain Islamic boarding school.

Meanwhile, Maintenance Manager Ahmad Sri Fadli said that PGE’s establishment here was because of the gratitude for the positive energy received in the development of the geothermal sector in the Semende Darat Laut area, where the 55 MW-capable geothermal power plant LMB Unit 1 presently in operation. “I hope the company would continue to be successful in completing the plant Unit 2 development project, so that it can provide greater benefits to the surrounding community and offer a competitive employment opportunity for students in the future,” he said.

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