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Lumut Balai

The Lumut Balai area is located in the Lumut Balai and Margabayur WKP, about 108 km from the city of Baturaja, South Sumatra Province. The WKP is one of the leading ones because it has a fairly large geothermal potential, reaching more than 300 MWe. The Lumut Balai Unit I PLTP started commercial operations in 2019 with an installed capacity of 55 MW.

55 MW

Installed Capacity


Geothermal Power Plants

Lumut Balai & Margabayur

Geothermal Work Area (WKP)

300.000 tCO2/year

Emission reduction potential

61.000 Rumah

Electricity supply estimation

2.600 BOEPD

Potential savings of oil reserves