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Yaki Conservation

Yaki or Sulawesi Black Ape (Macaca Nigra) is an endemic animal whose population is endangered due to deforestation and animal hunting for the live animal trade. PGE collaborated with North Sulawesi BKSDA and North Minahasa Tasikoki PPS to conduct conservation activities for these animals that have unique crests that resemble the punk musician's hairstyle. Since 2021, the collaboration has protected and cared for 11 Yaki through the provision of food, vitamins, medical examinations, veterinarians, and guards. This habituation process is planned to run for 3 years and then the animal will be released into the conservation area of the Gunung Ambang natural tourism park when it is declared safe.

Cultivation, conservation, and show window innovation of Chrysanthemum Kulo and Riri

Chrysanthemum Kulo (White) and Riri (Yellow) are flowers of pride for the Tomohon people and become one of the icons used in the Tomohon International Flower Festival (TIFF). PGE collaborated with the Tomohon City Government to develop the Tomohon Endemic Flower Park Conservation Area, especially chrysanthemums. Since 2018, a total of 105,000 endemic chrysanthemum seeds have been successfully cultivated as a form of PGE's concern for the sustainability of this flora that has natural beauty and export potential.

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