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Visit the Hululais Project, President Commissioner of PT PGE Launches 2024 CSR Program

PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) Tbk launched the 2024 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme at the PGE Hululais Project in Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Province, on Monday, rch 4, 2024. Apart from aiming to empower the community around the Hululais geothermal project, this CSR activity also supports regional development programmes in Lebong.

The start of the PGE CSR programme in Hululais was inaugurated by PGE President Commissioner Sarman Simanjorang, who was accompanied by PGE Operations Director Ahmad Yani and PGE Hululais Project Manager Edy Sudarmadi. The CSR launch, which was carried out at the PGE Hululais Project Office, included the opening of workshops, mechanical training, and certification for youth from the villages and sub-districts of the PGE Hululais Project Company Work Area (WKP).

In his brief briefing, PGE President Commissioner Sarman Simanjorang emphasised the importance of this CSR programme in increasing youth capacity. Therefore, he hopes that all participants will take part in the event well and seriously.

"Make good use of this opportunity. Moreover, this has reached the certification stage; all participants must follow it until the end. Hopefully, after completing the training, the participants will become economic drivers for the community," said Sarman, who is also the executive director of the Indonesian Regency Government Association (application).

Furthermore, PGE Operations Director Ahmad Yani added, "We are proud to run a sustainable CSR programme that has a positive impact on the surrounding community. We believe that corporate social responsibility is not only about business operations but also contributions to the surrounding community."

In his brief presentation, PGE Project Manager for the Hululais Project, Edy Sudarmadi, said that even though the Hululais Project had not yet started production, he was grateful to be able to implement the CSR program. This is a form of concern for the community and synergy with the Lebong Regency Government in empowerment and development efforts.

This workshop, mechanical training, and certification are carried out in collaboration with the Kepahiang Job Training UPTD, which is under the auspices of the Manpower and Transmigration Service of the Bengkulu Provincial Government. "This training is carried out as an effort to create productive and independent youth. "The hope is that the results of this training will have a positive impact on the participants, the community, and, of course, the Lebong Regency Government," said Edy Sudarmadi.

Representing the Regent of Lebong, Head of Bappeda Lebong Regency Zulhendri S. Sos appreciated and expressed his gratitude to the PGE Hululais Project for its contribution to development through the CSR program. "Today's activities should be appreciated. What the PGE Hululais Project has done through its CSR programme has really helped the community and also supports government ograms. Especially in implementing the CSR programmeme, so far the PGE Hululais Project has been very obedient and orderly in reporting plans and implementation of the of the CSR programmeme every year to Bappeda Lebong Regency," said Zulhendri.

Also present at this event were Lebong Regency Manpower and Transmigration Department Representative Sukirman, South Lebong Police Chief AKP Kuat Santoso, Central Lebong Police Chief Iptu Tulus Wibowo, Danramil 409-02 LS Lettu Efrizal, South Lebong Subdistrict Representative, Central Lebong Subdistrict Representative, and Village Head/Lurah at WKP PGE Hululais Project.

Simultaneously with the launch of this CSR activity, the wife of the PGE President Commissioner, Mrs. Puri Purwatmini, took the time to visit the Tebo Lai Coffee MSME, one of the PGE CRS programme targets, which is in Central Lebong District. He was very enthusiastic about watching the coffee production process and enjoying the taste of Tebo Lai coffee.

“I appreciate the activities at the Tebo Lai Coffee UMKM." And what's more complete, the taste of the coffee is great," said Puri Purwatmini, expressing his admiration for the taste of Lebong robusta coffee.

In 2022, the Tebo Lai Coffee MSME will receive assistance from the PGE Hululais Project CSR programme in the form of equipment to increase production. Apart from that, the PGE Hululais Project also holds barista training for beginners as a form of PGE's consistency in empowering communities around the geothermal project.

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