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The Story of Yanti Lidiati Embracing Punk Mothers and Children to Be More Productive

Pertamina Geothermal participated in providing assistance in the form of capital, training and promoting the products produced by the group led by Yanti.

Jakarta, 27 August 2021 - Yanti Lidiati, 55 years old, made a big decision in 2011. At the peak of her career as head of human resource development for a large pharmaceutical company in the capital, Yanti chose to return to her village in Lampegan Village, Ibun District, Bandung Regency. . At that time, he had to take care of his mother, Tjitjih Rukarsih, who was sick.

On the sidelines of caring for her mother, Yanti noticed a number of mothers who didn't do much activity and tended to talk wildly. He judged that the mothers should be able to make money rather than huddle. An idea arose to invite the women to learn to sew. However, most of them rejected Yanti's idea because they lacked confidence and were not sure that the resulting product could be sold.

Yanti did not want to give up. In 2016, she formed a group called Independent Women with seven members. Slowly he guides mothers to start a sewing business. They started to focus on making blazers with premium sarongs. The product is branded It's Blazer Ibu. "I made the design, the women did it," said Yanti.

Over time, the mother's efforts paid off. They can also earn more. The success was spread by word of mouth and attracted more women to join the Independent Women. The group had nearly 50 members.

However, Yanti did not immediately accept them. There are conditions that must be met, namely that women must be willing to take education packages B and C or the equivalent of junior high and high school. This requirement arises because the majority of mothers living in Lampegan Village only have elementary school education. "If they are willing to take package B or C, I promise to accompany the entrepreneur," said Yanti.

Independent Women's activities attracted the attention of PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) Kamojang Area. The company then provided assistance in the form of a sewing machine. In this way, the productivity of mothers is increasing. PGE's Corporate Secretary, Muhammad Baron, said the corporation is also trying to develop the group's capacity.

"The way is by holding entrepreneurship management training, marketing training, capacity building, and supporting the promotion of Independent Women's products by holding exhibitions," said Baron. For almost five years, Independent Women has participated in around 30 exhibitions, both national and international.

Recently, Independent Women expanded their business in the culinary and handicraft sectors. For culinary purposes, for example, the group made chips and cake balls. PGE again provided assistance in the form of supporting equipment to each member of Independent Women, according to the products produced. "Assistance from PGE has increased the productivity of mothers," said Yanti.

PGE Kamojang Area previously also helped Yanti's mother, Tjitjih Rukarsih. The company supports the pursuit of packages A, B, and C held by the An Nur Education Foundation. The foundation was founded by Tjitjih in 2004. PGE even helped build a school building to help reduce illiteracy, associate with Punk Children and Embrace Children with Special Needs (ABK).

One day, Yanti saw a number of punk kids hanging out in Majalaya Square. He then approached the children and invited to chat. Not just once, Yanti repeatedly approached and tried to embrace them.

One day, a punk girl named Ayu came to her house and asked to be taught sewing. Yanti was touched to see the sincerity of Ayu's intentions. "I am deeply moved. They have hope and a future," he said. Over time, the punk children who were fostered by Yanti grew to 25 people and more than half of them were active.

They also often gather in the gazebo which was built with the help of PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy. Yanti has a Wani Robah program, specifically fostering punk children. According to Yanti, a number of punk kids—who are often identified with naughty and unruly children—began to worship diligently. Initially, they were reluctant to enter the mosque because some of their bodies were covered with tattoos. "I remind them, keep worshiping because God will see all their good intentions," said Yanti.

Since 2016 PGE has developed the "SEHATI: Eduplay Therapy" program for special children in the Ibun sub-district. As a form of program development, PGE synergizes with Yanti as a motivator as well as a parenting companion for the parents of this special child. Together with the therapist from the Extraordinary Education alumnus of the Indonesian Education University, Yanti, and village health cadres, they helped parents practice giving therapy for their children. “Many children with special needs require therapy. So far, PGE has assisted. But I want mothers to learn therapy from therapists. This is one way to make them independent. Mothers can give therapy to their children at any time without having to pay," he said. He especially encourages changing the mindset of parents with disabilities. Namely, so that parents do not consider their children as a burden. Yanti stated that children are special and can be equipped with various skills.

Yanti is grateful to be able to get help from PGE. “PGE has been able to receive input for programs according to community needs. Here, there is a need for the independence of women, punks, and people with disabilities,” he said. Even Yanti had the idea of ??building a school for regeneration. He is always looking for ways so that PGE's CSR assistance continues, develops, and has a broad impact on the surrounding community.

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 or Covid-19 pandemic also affected the activities that Yanti fostered. He can no longer hold meetings with people with disabilities and their families, and conduct training for punk kids.

But he didn't give up. Every Sunday morning, Yanti also continues the Beyond SEHATI program: Eduplay Therapy. Yanti gathered the disabled children and their parents. Together they played, sang and danced. The joy also covers the children and the parents. Yanti was determined to continue the program under the name Group Playing Empowerment, which means "different, keep working". Yanti does creative activities for special children (PT PGE's name for children with special needs) in the form of reading, writing, flower arrangement, and also playing together to improve their social skills.

Returning to the village to take care of her mother, Yanti is determined to still be able to train the people around her. He has no interest in returning to Jakarta even though his mother passed away on 16 August. Yanti also hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon. Yanti assessed that online meetings were less effective. Especially for those who are learning to sew.

PGE's support for Yanti is part of the company's responsibilities in terms of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). As is known, ESG is the main factor to measure the level of sustainability and social impact of the investments that have been made by the company. Not only that, the implementation of ESG, especially from the environmental side, is a form of a company in supporting the implementation of green economics.

"In addition, if the independence of women in the Independent Women group is strong, it is hoped that it can cause a multiplier effect, such as creating employment opportunities while increasing economic growth. This is in line with point 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely decent work and economic growth. In addition, PGE's CSR programs also cover point 4 (quality education) and point 5 (gender equality)," said Baron.

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