Pertamina Geothermal Energy Tbk

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Research and Innovation

We are committed to continue innovating in realizing affordable, reliable, continuous, and accessible energy for everyone. Innovation and research are at the frontline in addressing the challenges in providing green energy, not only for today but to ensure future supply. Our best talents adopt Continuous Improvement Program, Knowledge Management, Standardization Management, and Quality Management Assessment as work culture to support energy transition and EBT (new and renewable energy) development.


  1. Cooperation in Research for Small Scale Geothermal Technology System with Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology Indonesia (BPPT)

    We believe that innovations to provide clean and environmentally friendly energy are not only beneficial for the company but also encourage industry growth overseas. PGE is committed to becoming a master in our own home by building small-scale geothermal technological capability in Indonesia by partnering with BPPT to develop research centers and provide capacity improvement for researchers in the geothermal field. The cooperation opens up smooth access to increase Domestic Component Level (Tingkat Kandungan Dalam Negeri or TKDN) and to progress the manufacturing industry in Indonesia.

  2. Green Hydrogen Development

    Green hydrogen is a clean source of fuel that has the potential of transitioning to a greener future. PGE has initiated green hydrogen development, produced from the water electrolysis process using a geothermal energy source. The potential market for green hydrogen is wide open because other than being used for fuel in the transportation sector, it can also benefit the petrochemical industry that still uses produced hydrogen, which leaves behind higher emission footprints.