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Employee Recruitment, Development, and Retention

The energy sector, especially green energy, requires a large number of workforce with competent skills. We are committed to establishing a working environment that emphasizes equality, diversity, and adherence to prevailing regulations. We recruit our best talents and provide them with programs to expand their insight and skills in developing clean and renewable energy. We also strive to implement a fair and non-discriminatory remuneration component.

  1. The Best Talent to Produce the Best Result

    To achieve our vision of becoming a World Class Green Energy Company with the Largest Geothermal Capacity Globally, we need the best talents that can give their best. We offer a number of training and development programs to improve the competency of our employees in order to ensure that they grow to be excellent and competitive human resources for the present and future. Monitoring and evaluation of performance are conducted in a fair and transparent manner by referring to key performance indicators (KPI) that have been mutually agreed upon.

    We believe in a positive working environment so our best talents can give their best. We offer fair and equal remuneration based on employment status, level of position, working duration, and performance evaluation results. Moreover, we also consistently listen to the voice and aspirations of employees to improve our methods in human resource management. An evaluation in 2021 showed that HR management was already running well, as seen from the result of the employee satisfaction survey scoring 3.94 out of 5 scales, which reflected that employees were satisfied with the HR management performance.

  2. PGE Woman Talk

    We believe that women workers must receive equal treatment and opportunities to develop their potential and careers in the company. We want more women workers to be strong, inspirational, composed, and independent leaders so they can serve in managerial positions. PGE Woman talk is organized every 2 (two) weeks by inviting women speakers from external as well as internal, who are role models for women workers. Currently, we have 11.5% of women workers in managerial positions and this percentage continues to be improved by talent mapping women workers to be provided with upskilling in leadership and coaching and be eligible in Pertamina Group’s acceleration program, Catalyzer.