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Large-Scale Incident Prevention

The operational activities of geothermal energy provision are prone to large-scale incidents which can impact the safety of the employees and surrounding communities, as well as the continuity of the business. We periodically conducted strict monitoring in the Well, Power Plant, and FCSR (Fluid Collection Re-injection System) areas to identify and prevent leaks and other incidents that may potentially release hazardous and toxic materials to the environment. In addition, we established a special organizational team to respond to emergency and post-emergency situations.

  1. Process Safety Event (PSE) Prevention and Emergency Respons

    PGE continuously mitigates and reduces the risk of safety and large-scale incidents which may endanger employees and the environment. Mitigation and control measures are carried out both in the exploitation and production processes. In 2021, there was no safety incident under the Tier-1 and Tier-2 categories. Nevertheless, the Company continues to prepare itself for emergencies by establishing Emergency Organizational Team (Organisasi Keadaan Darurat/OKD) and issuing Emergency and Crisis Response Guidelines. To ensure the readiness and vigilance of the OKD team, the company frequently organizes Emergency Drill and installs various Emergency Warning Systems (EWS) throughout its workplace.

  2. Process Safety in All Supply Chains During the Pandemic

    The Company realizes that our operational advantages are inseparable from the performance of the whole energy provision supply chain. We strive to maintain and control process safety throughout the supply chain, which includes the provision of production material and distribution of steam and electricity products. During the pandemic, we carried out a series of COVID-19 response programs in PGE, among others, including dissemination to business partners, contractors, and vendors; addition of a clause on COVID-19 response in the contract; and requiring a commitment from vendors to adhere to COVID-19 pandemic policies.