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Tackling Climate Change

The transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy is essential in achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. By providing affordable, clean, and environmentally-friendly energy, we emphasize the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the measurement of potential carbon gas reduction and utilization of operational byproducts from our plants. Therefore, PGE continues to play an active role in the national decarbonization agenda and also contributes to the global efforts in mitigating global warming.


  1. GHG Emission Load Calculation

    We acknowledge that a better understanding of the amounts and sources of our emissions will enable us to discover how to reduce our emissions. Therefore, we group our emission measurements into 3 scopes, namely: Scope 1 which comes from electricity generation derived from NCG levels of Geothermal fluids and fuel use; Scope 2 which comes from electricity consumption (PLN); and Scope 3 which includes the sale of geothermal energy.

  2. GHG Emission Reduction

    Through emission reduction programs, in 2021, we have succeeded in reducing total emissions by 6.66% from the 2020 emission baseline. Despite the very low GHG emissions, we remain committed to reducing Scope 1&2 of GHG emissions by up to 30% from the 2020 emission baseline.

    We also strive to continuously carry out innovation programs in order to achieve the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are currently developing the Brine to Power project which will be used for the operation of reinjection pumps in the Lahendong Area, and solar PV whose energy will be used to power the office and employee housing estates in the Kamojang Area and Lahendong Area. Furthermore, we are conducting a project study on the Utilization of CO2 Extraction into Green CO2 Liquid & Methanol. Both of these materials can be used as raw and supporting materials in the chemical and fuel industries.